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Empowering women through tourism

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A turkana slaughtering a goatAfrican Pro-poor Tourism Foundation (APTF) is a fully fledged non-profit organization registered in the USA. Currently, the organization has a Kenyan chapter which is based in Nairobi, Kenya. The foundation seeks to use tourism as a strategic tool to alleviate poverty, promote gender equality, harness community conservation and intervene in the reduction of transmission of HIV/AIDS through tourism.

We at APTF are guided by this slogan "Give the local community a fish and you feed them for today, teach them how to fish from the multibillion tourism industry and you feed them forever" Tourism is the world largest growing industry with no signs of slowing down in the twenty- first century. The industry is helping the developing nations to earn the badly needed foreign exchange of which Kenya is not an exception. The job creation in Travel and Tourism is growing one-and-half times faster than any other sector. The travel and tourism industry is labor intensive and it employs about 200 million people worldwide.
Pro-poor tourism is not another form of tourism as many people tend to think, but it is an approach that seeks to harness the raking of benefits by poor local communities from the tourists' spending. Tourism plays a significant part in contributing to balanced sustainable development and generates benefits for the poor. The power of tourism which is one of the most dynamic economic activities of our time can be more effectively harnessed to address the problems of poverty more directly. The benefits of tourism should be widely spread in society and the local communities should benefit from tourism development. Tourism has emerged in this decade as a central pillar of the services economy. It can uniquely help society respond to global challenges if its growth is managed wisely, with an emphasis on ethics, poverty alleviation, the particular interests of developing states and sustainable development. The dynamic past and projected growth of the tourism sector, its broad direct and indirect impact across all economies - particularly those of developing states - make it particularly well suited as a development tool.

Tourism is particularly potent in economic terms in respect of: job creation, investment attraction, foreign exchange earnings, poverty alleviation and in social terms in respect of: youth employment, community enrichment, gender equality and cultural preservation.

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